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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Faith OST

Faith OST

01. Carry On
02. 걸음이 느려서
03. 나쁜 사람
04. 그대를 봅니다
05. 바람의 노래
06. 그대니까
07. Faith (Main Title-Choral.Ver)
08. I Am Woodalchi (Great Big Choi Young)
09. White Night
10. Knife Wind
11. Witchprayer
12. Worry Or Afraid
13. Missing You
14. Happy Dance
15. You & Me
16. The Dangerous Time
17. Move & Run (Original Ver.)
18. The Palace Story
19. Dancing In The Moonlight
20. Smile (Lovely Face – Eunsoo)
21. Sadness (Pf String Ver.)
22. The Blade Of Red-Moon
23. Shadow Man
24. Attack Point
25. Moon Of The Princess
26. Tears Of Soldier
27. Forever (Carry On – Pf Ver.)
28. Flower Garden
29. The Justice
30. Trick
31. War Of The Fire
32. Old Market
33. Bloody Worrior
34. Bad Table
35. I Am Woodalchi (String Ver.)
36. Move And Run (String Ver.)
37. Faith Main Title (Main Title- String Ver.)

Part 1  |  Part 2

Part 1 - Tracks 1-20
Part 2- Tracks 21-37 + OST Part.7

Faith OST Part.1

Track list
01. Carry On

Faith OST Part.2

Track list
01. 걸음이 느려서

Faith OST Part.3

Track list
01. 나쁜사람 – 장혜진 & MC 스나이퍼
02. Faith (Main Title-String ver.) – 오준성
03. I Am Woodalchi (Great Big Choi Young) – 오준성
04. Smile (Lovely Face-Eunsoo) – 오준성
05. Sadness (Pf String ver.) – 오준성
06. Flower Garden – 오준성
07. Move And Run (String ver.) – 오준성
08. The Dangerous Time (Choral ver.) – 오준성

Faith OST Part.4
윤하 (Younha)

01.눈물이 한방울
02.눈물이 한방울 (Inst.)

Faith OST Part.5

01. 그대를 봅니다 – 성훈(Brown Eyed Soul)

Faith OST Part.6
영준 (Brown Eyed Soul), 오준성

01.바람의 노래 (Wind’s Song)
02.I Am Woodalchi (String Ver.)
03.Move & Run (Original Ver.)
04.Forever (Carry On-Pf Ver.)
06.Shadow Man
07.Dancing In The Moonlight
08.War Of The Fire

Faith OST Part.7
럼블 피쉬

01. 사랑아