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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Full House Take 2 OST

Full House Take 2 OST

Track List
01. 사랑 첫 느낌
02. My Love
03. Touch
04. Baby Why
05. Hello Miss
06. Baby Cry
07. Sad Touch
08. Hello Hello
09. Reggae House
10. 3Rd Street
11. Show Me The Money
12. Moni Step
13. Show ! Show !
14. Moni Lonely Day
15. Lonely Light
16. Just Like
17. Citiyhunter Blues
18. Oh! My Mistake
Full House Take 2 OST Part.1

Track List
01. 사랑 첫 느낌 - Ailee

Full House Take 2 OST Part.2

Track List
01. My Love – 먼데이 키즈(Monday Kiz)
02. Baby Cry – 티에이피(TAP)
03. Hello Miss – 에이트리즈(A-Treez)

Full House Take 2 OST Part.3

Track List
01. Touch – Take One [노민우 & 박기웅]
02. Sad Touch – 노민우
03. Baby Why – 박기웅 [탤런트]
04. Hello Hello – Take Two [노민우 & 이승효]

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  1. thank you for this but i'm afraid i cant do it anymore i think we need to take a break for a while i really love you and i need you to know that but i cant spend the rest of my life wondring what would have happened if i have taken that chance. i love you and i'll miss you. goodbye old friend.