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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Gu Family Book OST

Gu Family Book OST
Download CD-1 | CD-2

Track List
CD -1
01. My Eden / 이사벨
02. 사랑이 아프다 / 이상곤
03. 봄비 / 백지영
04. 잘 있나요 / 더 원
05. 나를 잊지말아요 / 수지
06. 마지막 그 한마디 / 이승기
07. 너 하나야 / 포맨
08. 나의 사랑비가 되어줄래 / 신재
09. 사랑이 불어온다 / 이지영
10. 봄비 (Acoustic Ver.) / 백지영
11. 내 안의 낙원 / 이사벨
12. 잘 있나요 (Acoustic Ver.) / 최진혁
13. 구가의 서

01. 천국의 문
02. 비조
03. The Life And Myth
04. The Land Of Idea
05. 염주 팔찌
06. About Death
07. 예뻤구만
08. The Death Road March
09. Angry Fox
10. 달빛 정원
11. 반인반수
12. Root Of Evil
13. The Rough Breath
14. Sympathy
15. Kill That Beowolf
16. 신수의 폭주
17. Root Of Evil (Piano Ver)
18. Before The Storm
19. 여우와 춤을
20. Fill Sorrow
21. Red Ssun
22. Eaglefly Free
23. Libera Me
24. Tears Of Flower
25. 회란초
26. The Death Road March (Piano & Scat Story)
27. 구가의서 Piano Story (Piano By 윤한)
28. 해학의 서
29. 짧은 인연
30. 눈물의 노래
31. 취혼주
32. Evil Eyes

Gu Family Book OST Part.1

Track List
01 My Eden - 이사벨(Yisabel)
02 My Eden (Inst.)

Gu Family Book OST Part.2

Track List
1. Love Hurts (사랑이 아프다) - 이상곤 of 노을
2. Love Hurts (사랑이 아프다) (Inst.)

Gu Family Book OST Part.3

Track List
01. 사랑이 불어온다 - 이지영
02. 사랑이 불어온다 (inst.)

Gu Family Book OST Part.4

Track List
01. 봄비 (Spring Day) - 백지영
02. 봄비 (Spring Day) (inst.)

Gu Family Book OST Part.5

Track List
01. 나를 잊지 말아요 - Suzy(수지) Miss A
02. 나를 잊지 말아요 (inst.)

Gu Family Book OST Part.6

Track List
01. 잘 있나요 - 더 원(The One)
02. 잘 있나요 (Inst.)

Gu Family Book OST - Lee Seung Gi (Single)
Track List
01. 마지막 그 한마디 (Last Word) - Lee Seung Gi (이승기)
02. 마지막 그 한마디 (Last Word) (Piano Ver.)

Gu Family Book OST Part.7

Track List
01. 너 하나야 (Only You) - 4Men (포맨)
02. 너 하나야 (inst.)

Gu Family Book OST Part.8

Track List
01. 나의 사랑비가 되어줄래 - 신재 (Shin Jae)
02. 나의 사랑비가 되어줄래 (Inst.)

Gu Family Book OST Special - Choi Jin Hyuk

Track List
01. 잘 있나요 (Acoustic Ver.) - 최진혁
02. 잘 있나요 (Acoustic Ver.) (Inst.)


  1. kamsahamnida <3 awesome drama just can't wait for the next episodes and OSTs ~(^o^)~

    1. You're welcome! I love OST part.2 ^_^

  2. Gu Family Book OST Part 5, Don't Forget Me by Suzy is released. Her voice is really great!.

  3. The One - Best Wishes To You (잘 있나요) Gu Family Book OST Part.6 - is already released. I hope you can also have that. Thanks!

  4. Thank you for informing me! ^_^ It'll be up in a moment!

  5. ♥ awwww thank u so much ♥ Gu Family Book ♥ Me encanta este drama :) Mil gracias

  6. Thanks!!
    I saw that in your drama-to-watch list in Bad Love in it, It's a bad drama! >.< don't waste your time

    1. I won't watch that drama yet. If I run out of dramas to watch then I would watch it. =D

  7. do u have Gu Family Book OST USB Special Package Album? i really hope u have it. thank u in advance

  8. Thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhh:)))

  9. The full album download doesn't work. Can you please fix it? Thank you!